The Maldives is a country of stunningly beautiful islands, crystal clear water and lush tropical vegetation.
You’ve seen photos of the Maldives before: picture-perfect private villas suspended over striking blue waters, alabaster white sand beaches and spectacular sunsets dipping into the horizon. The scenic beauty of the Maldives is something to behold, something you can’t quite understand until you’re there in person.

The island nation of the Maldives is popular with honeymooners looking for seclusion and adventurers, looking to explore the depths of the sea on a scuba diving and snorkeling excursion.

Travelers seeking relaxation can unwind at one of the island spas and all visitors should certainly spend a day exploring the Maldivian capital of Malé. The hotels in this region are also spectacular, ranging from underwater hotels to over-water bungalows to incredibly beautiful resorts.

However, getting to and staying in this tropical paradise requires patience and plentiful cash. Located between the Arabian and Laccadive seas, roughly 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is about as isolated as you can get–and that’s just another one of its many allures.

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